Issues of Globalizing Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia: Beyond Borders and Boundaries

ISGI Seminar, 20 December 2017 17:30-18:30

Karl Chua (Associate Professor, Ateneo de Manila University; Currently Visiting Associate Professor, Institute for the Study of Global Issues)

In this age of globalization, a current trend is the perceived decrease of relevance of area studies in academia.  Thus for an area such as Japanese Studies to survive in a competitive environment, survival strategies within Southeast Asian Universities were formulated.  Support from institutions, such as Japan Foundation poured in, Japanese Companies through their Corporate Social Responsibilities also assisted.  Nonetheless, there are global, as well as regional issues that face the region which will be the topic of this talk.  The session will include success stories, as well as issues Southeast Asia universities has to deal with to propagate Japanese studies in their own countries, as well as within the region.