The world’s first graduate program in global studies

Established in 1997, the Institute for the Study of Global Issues carries out solution-oriented research on problems including:

  • conflict between ethnic groups and civilizations
  • poverty
  • the environment
  • migration
  • the information society

ISGI focuses on specific problems without regard for disciplinary boundaries. We aim to disentangle complex global issues and to formulate constructive measures for their solution. We carry out systematic, theory-informed empirical research in all regions of the world. Our graduate students learn how to search for solutions which meet peoples’ fundamental needs.

We aim to develop de-Eurocentric approaches to social problems. It has become clear in recent decades that certain modes of thought, behavior, and sensibility which developed over the past two centuries of Western world-dominance need to be re-examined. An urgent task for social scientists in all the disciplines is to explore alternative perspectives on global problems and to develop suitable idioms to describe them.

The ISGI graduate programs span the continuum of global issues and are solution-oriented. They are open to all who are committed to tackling global issues through our distinctive research and educational activities.

ISGI is a founding member of the Global Studies Consortium, an international network of graduate teaching programs on global studies.